About us

We Dig Deeper

"To make real progress, we need to think outside the box now more than ever."

Our Philosophy

We dig deeper by immersing ourselves in your business, its culture, and the existing conditions. The true quality of a building becomes evident in its use. However, the reasons for satisfaction or dissatisfaction lie in decisions made long before construction begins. That's why we take ample time upfront to thoroughly understand and capture the desires and expectations of our clients.


This understanding requires not only time but also experience, empathy, and excellent expertise - qualities that our employees possess. The goal is to identify potential conflicts that could disrupt projects early on, prevent them, and thereby precisely define, pursue, and ultimately achieve the project goals.

Precision from the start.

Our approach

We meticulously plan every aspect of the project. From the initial contact to the turnkey handover, we carefully consider and design each phase of the project with the same precision and importance – point by point. Nothing is left to chance.

One Contact for Everything

Our thinking and actions

We collaborate with professionals from all fields – from architects and logisticians to medical experts. We not only plan, but actively develop alongside you. In doing so, we guide you and your staff back to basics – the origins of the project, your company's needs and goals, and the available human and financial resources. Only when all parties agree on what is truly needed do our traditional services come into play: site search, needs analysis, support for financing and grants, planning, regulatory procedures, construction execution, relocation, etc.

"Quality is more than just a phrase."
Our Standard

Quality is more.

Merely relying on state-of-the-art technology is not enough for us. True quality is not only measured by the quality of materials or surfaces, but comprehensively – by the realization of your ideas. The goal is to fulfill your desires through precise planning combined with the highest craftsmanship skills possible.

Our Service Areas

The ACUO companies serve as your point of contact in Germany and are here to support you with advice and assistance.

If you are planning a project in Austria or Mallorca, you can count on the reliable collaboration with the Hofmeister companies.

For projects in Poland, we are pleased to recommend our renowned architectural firm AB-Projekt as a competent partner.

Wherever you are located, contact us today, and we will make your project a reality.

We look forward to collaborating with you.